Hi, I'm Jingxiu 👋🏻

I am a UX Designer based in Singapore.

I have a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction and 1+ years of experience in the design industry. I have solved design problems for startups and global companies across different industries in Asia and Europe.

I aim to use my knowledge and skills to design meaningful and human-centred products that leave a positive impact on society.

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My Background 👨🏻‍💻

BSc Psychology 🧠

Sep 2017- May 2020

I started my UX journey with an undergraduate degree in Psychology at UCL, because I was passionate about understanding how our minds work and why we behave in certain ways.

During this time, I obtained deep knowledge about human cognition (I graduated top of my cohort!), and gained valuable research skills by working as a research assistant across various psychology labs.

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UX Projects ✏️

May 2020 - Aug 2020

I came across UX in the final year of my psychology degree and immediately fell in love with this field.

I started teaching myself user research, UI design and front-end development, and conducted UX projects with CuriousCore and Everyday Vegan Grocer.

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MSc Human-Computer Interaction 🖥️

Sep 2020 - Sep 2021

I decided to pursue a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at UCL to deepen my domain knowledge and acquire relevant industry experience.

I collaborated with Dunnhumby on a research project to design a user interface for their data querying web application, and did a internship with UCL to improve their Report & Support (R&S) platform.

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UX Architect, DSTA 🌐

Feb 2022 - Present

I am currently working as a User Experience Architect at DSTA, designing human-centred technologies that contribute to the defence and security of Singapore.


My Interests 🏃🏻‍♂️

In my free time, I'm usually learning something new, getting some exercise or spending time with family and friends.

When I'm taking a break, I'll either be watching football (go Liverpool!) or binging the latest show on Netflix.

Here are some of my hobbies that I've engaged in previously: